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Daniel McCarthy: Scottsdale Rally

Started by irb, Jun 22, 2020, 02:46 PM

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Daniel McCarthy, candidate for US Senate and the one who gave a talk at our education meeting, is holding a rally in Scottsdale to protest the abuses of power taking place there and in other municipalities regarding compelled mask wearing.

This is somewhat short notice, but it's at 10AM on Wednesday, June 24th at City Hall (3939 E Drinkwater blvd in Scottsdale). Read more here: Scottsdale Rally

This is not a chapter endorsement, of course, just an informational posting.


I actually drove by there yesterday after work (whoops). Are you planning on attending?


I can't, I have to work--but the Wife might. Er, well she got home from her shift at 4:30 this morning... and she's still asleep, so at this point I'm guessing not. I sent it out to friends though, I hope they can make it.