Comment on ATF classifcation of "stabilizing braces"

Started by irb, Dec 21, 2020, 09:33 AM

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The ATF is attempting to classify "stabilizing braces" on pistols as falling under the NFA. What this means is that you can't have an attachment on your AR pistol that wraps around your forearm because you might also, perish the thought, bring the weapon to your shoulder.

The intention of the stabilizing brace was to bring the shooting sports to the disabled and elderly--I personally know a man with cerebral palsy who uses just such a brace so that he can join us in target shooting.

The argument is that it turns rifle-caliber pistols into SBRs. SBRs fall under the National Firearms Act because it is thought that criminals will want to conceal scary looking rifles. If that is true, wouldn't ADDING A LARGE BRACE AT THE END of the weapon make it HARDER to conceal? If you agree, please join me in expressing your displeasure with our government servants here:


In the face of overwhelming public pressure, ATF has withdrawn the letter. Why, after four years of Mr. Trump's administration we still have to deal with this nonsense is beyond me.