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Started by irb, Feb 08, 2021, 10:05 AM

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This is largely quoting a message I received from the Ariz. Patriot Party, because I am working and don't have time to rephrase things.


On Wednesday, February 10, HB 2111 and HB 2551 are scheduled for an 8:30 AM hearing in the House Government & Elections Committee.

HB 2111 proposes that any act, law, treaty, rule or regulation of the U.S. Government that violates the Second Amendment would be unenforceable in Arizona.

HB 2551 would, with certain exceptions, exempt CCW permit holders from the prohibition on entering state and local government-controlled property while armed.

On Thursday, February 11, SB 1328 is scheduled for a 9 AM hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  SB 1328 is almost identical to HB 2111 but contains the added verbiage that any act, law, treaty, rule or regulation of the U.S. Government that violates Article 2, Section 26 of the Arizona Constitution would also be unenforceable in Arizona.  Article 2, Section 26 is Arizona's constitutional protection of our right to bear arms.  We prefer the SB 1328 version to the almost identical HB 2111 version, but it's important that BOTH bills pass out of their respective committees.

To voice your opinion on these bills, visit the AZ Legislature Applications page, sign into your RTS account, click on the big blue "Request to Speak" icon in the middle of the page, then click on the "New Request" tab on the left side of the page.

Note:  If you do not see the "New Request" tab, it means your RTS account was not created or activated at an official RTS terminal at the Capitol.  If that's the case, we can help.  Let us know in a reply to this message.

A new window will open up.  In the "Search Phrase" line, enter the bill number without HB or SB (i.e., 2111, 2551, 1328) and click on the blue "Search" button below the Search Phrase.
Your search results will appear below the "Search" button as in the example below.

Click on the blue "Add Request" button on the right side of your search results to bring up your voting page.  For these bills we ask that you click on the "For" (thumbs up) button.  Unless you plan on attending and testifying at the hearing, always answer "No" to the "Do you wish to speak?" question.